Friday, March 11, 2011

"I Just Felt Like Running" Virtual 5k

I finally did this.  I had planned on doing it on the specified date, but coming down with the flu didn't help with those plans.  Fortunately, Detroit Runner gave everyone some wiggle room on doing the 5k, and I did it yesterday evening.

And of course since it was a Thursday evening, I did my virtual 5k at the Dome!

I wasn't ready to actual race this 5k, so I did it as an aerobic training run.  David joined me after 3 laps, and we chatted for the rest of the 5k.  Since 5k at the Dome means 7.5 laps, I added a half-lap as a cool down.  Here were my lap splits:

3'47" (it's a good thing David came at this point, because I was definitely faster than "conversational")
2'00" (1/2 lap)
1'59" (1/2 lap cool down)

Total Time: 27'25"

I really like the concept of virtual races, so thanks to Jeff at Detroit Runner for organizing this, and I hope everyone enjoyed their races too!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Run for Christchurch

I mentioned this earlier in the week, but I wanted to devote a bit more space to it.  As you know, Christchurch, New Zealand was hit by a pretty major earthquake not too long ago.  Because of this, there's a global campaign going on to raise money to help the people of New Zealand.  They are encouraging people to don red and black on March 12th or 13th and run.  This helps raise awareness, and it's also a great idea to donate to the cause.  Click on the image to donate and to learn more

Locally, Steve in a Speedo is organizing a group run.  The plan is to meet at Longfellow Grill at Lake St. and W River Parkway at 1pm on Saturday.  I'll be there.  Katie may be there (she's got a 10 mile race that morning, so we'll see).  Want to run with us?  Want more details?  Read all about it here.  If you're in the area, I hope to see you Saturday afternoon!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy Pączki Day!

Most people realize that today is Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, the end of Fasching, and the end of Mardi Gras (tomorrow being Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent).  But, today is also Pączki Day!  What is a pączki?  It's this:

A raspberry one—my favorite

A pączki (pronounced like poonch'-key) is similar to a jelly doughnut, but very different.  It's a Polish jelly-filled (or custard-filled, or even plain) tradition that's deep-fried in lard.  Lots of lard.  You don't want to know the nutritional facts of one of these (hint: one of these probably meets your recommended intake of fat and calories for at least 3 days).

If you live in the Detroit area, you know that life stops on Fat Tuesday so everyone can have their pączki.  Either you or someone you know goes to Hamtramck every year to get these.  If not, you can pick them up at any grocery store.

For Detroit expatriates like me, finding a pączki is much tougher.  Some friends can't find them in Lawrence, Kansas.  Some try really hard to find them in Florida.  So far, I've found only one place in the Twin Cities that makes them—Kramarczuks.  They're pretty good, but not quite Hamtramck quality.  Since I ate mine yesterday (scandalous, I know), I'm ready for Lent to start.  And I have to run about 30 miles to work it off.


A few miscellaneous (aka, running-related) items: 
  • I was supposed to do a virtual 5k last Saturday as part of Detroit Runner's blog.  But, I was down with the flu, so it didn't happen.  I'll be doing the 5k this week sometime.
  • Speaking of virtual races, Steve in a Speedo is organizing a virtual 5k as part of the "Run for Christchurch" initiative.  Christchurch, New Zealand suffered a pretty severe earthquake recently, and this is an effort to raise money to help the people of Christchurch.  I'll be joining up on Saturday to run.  Here's the link to the event (and how to donate).
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