Saturday, July 18, 2009


I ran 12 miles today. It was grand. As it turns out, I also had a lot of time to think. I thought about how different my running is now compared to when I started running. And I made a list. In my head. Now in a blog.

Then: Running in the afternoon
Now: Running in the morning

Then: Running in groups (Go Slow Group!)
Now: All by my lonesome

Then: Sounds of nature and Harper Woods in my ears
Now: My iPod. (I hope to change this soon)

Then: Stopping at Tim Hortons, Harper Woods Fire Department, and sprinklers for water
Now: Carrying a water bottle

Then: LSD was, at max, 8ish miles. (Well, except when PZ had us run the long way to Liggett, but I didn't make the whole way anyway)
Now: 12 miles today, 26.2 in 2.5ish months

Then: High Fives when running by a teammate (unless we missed, which was common, for me at least)
Now: A wave to other runners, but not always reciprocated

TC Marathon Countdown: 78 Days
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