Monday, November 23, 2009

How I Left For Work Wearing Mismatched Shoes

This morning, I left my apartment a little earlier so I could swing by the recycling bins and drop off some old magazines.  I did that, and began to walk along the train tracks because that was the shortest way to the bus.  I became worried that the ground would get muddy, so I looked down, and this is what I saw:

Yup, I mixed up my old running shoes (the dirty one on the left) with my new ones (the clean, geeky one on the right).  They don't look that different in the picture, but the camera flash hides the differences.  They are noticeably different in person.  Since I didn't have a lot of time, I seriously considered just going to work like this, but I relented, and sprinted 50 yards back to my apartment carrying my lunchbox, dashed up the stairs, changed my shoe, and speedwalked to the bus.  What a start to the day...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tesfa 5k - Race Recap (finally!)

Two weeks ago, Katie and I signed up for a 5k on a whim, and headed down to Fort Snelling State Park for the race.  Fort Snelling is beautiful place—even with all of the leaves gone.

The 5k was a smaller one (approx. 70-80 people), so significantly more manageable than the Monster Dash.  I love smaller races because they remind me of conference jamborees from back at LHE.  Anyway, to the race:

I got bib number 4.  I find this exciting, even though the number assignment was completely random.  The low number didn't help me, though.  I started out strong and thought I was going to be going for a PR.  The course was fairly flat and the weather was beautiful (60 and sunny in November!).  I missed the first mile marker, but somewhere around the start of the 2nd mile, I got a pretty vicious side cramp.  Up to this point, I was in 6th place, but I slowly started dropping back.  In the end, I ended up around 15th or 16th with a time of 23:59.  Certainly not my best, but not terrible either considering I didn't focus on speedwork during marathon training.

Katie, though, had a fantastic race.  It was her birthday, and she wanted to beat 30 minutes.  Her previous PR from the Monster Dash was about 32 minutes.  She destroyed that time and came in at 28:30ish.  I barely had enough time to get back to the car after my race, grab the camera, and make it back to the finish to snap this photo.

Other fun things from the race:
~ We followed a Mini.  It was a low budget race (supporting a great cause too), so after the RD tried to describe the course, it was clear that people may get lost.  The solution: have a dude drive his Mini the entire way in front of the leaders.  This duty, typically reserved for golf carts, turned out to be semi-necessary.  The course was well marked, but it was fun to see a Mini drive along narrow wooded trails.  I kept it in sight for the first mile, but lost it once my side cramp hit.
~ There was a fun percussion troupe along the course.  I'm pretty certain they were along the marathon course too.

All in all, a fun race.  I'll be looking out for other races this winter as I decide if I'm going to do Twin Cities again next year.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Race Tomorrow!

Two weeks in a row??  Yup.  Katie and I will be running a 5k tomorrow morning (it's her birthday too!).  I'll have a race recap sometime this weekend.
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